Anniversary Card





My friend’s Stacey and Andy Renewed their vows at church. I made this card for their anniversary party.
They’ve been through a lot, this just serves as a reminder to us all… “look what God can do”. :0)


Card ideas

Here are a couple more card ideas. The black and yellow card was made using my Spellbinders.



I like the little popped up Happy Birthday banner. Just cut a strip of cardstock, and then score. One fold goes in and the other out on each side.


Card sample from Crop

I will be posting a few cards I got finished at the crop yesterday.


Here is a neat technique. Emboss your design onto black paper with Silver. Color base coat in with light color pencils, smooth out with your finger, color darker shades next. This was inspired by a post here, if you would like to read more. #299

Teepee Card Tutorial – some assembly required

This card is so easy.

Start by cutting three 4×4 squares from the same color of card stock. I cut mine from different colors so that you can see more clearly.

Score each square from end to end.

Lay one square down. Using adhesive attach another square as shown in the picture. You will be gluing the front of the green paper to the back of the striped paper(white back)

Flip this over and glue the other square down as seen in this picture. You will be gluing the back side of the pink paper onto the front side of the striped paper Notice the direction the creases are going.

Your card should fold up into a tee pee shape now. You can attach it together by applying velcro, cutting a slit in the back side, or removable tape etc.

When finished card will fold to fit inside a greeting card size envelope, this card could be made larger for for a 5 3/4x 8 3/4 which I got from Walmart. Some assembly will be required by the receiver. :0)




Another Year Another Birthday

But Thank God for another Birthday…:0)

My birthday cards from Patti & Dana





Tutorial A different Masking Technique

Well Gang I’m not sure what I did put somehow managed to lose my post so here goes again.
I tried out a different masking technique from Kendra card blog, here is the link if you wanna check out her blog.
I think you’re gonna like this one.

1) Select two or three stamps you would like to use. Simple lines work best. Stamp one onto the cardstock and stamp again onto scrap paper.

2) Cut the bottom and sides out of the scrap stamp.

3) Cover the stamp on cardstock with the scrap stamp, being careful to line up stamped lines. Tape down with removable tape.

4) Stamp onto the cardstock overlapping the stamped image onto the scrap stamp.

5) Remove the scrap stamp and there you have it.

This is what mine came out like with three stamps, and this is the finished project. ;0)

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