Since I am trying to be more organized at work, I decided to decorate a couple of notebooks to use. I really like this picture I got from a National Geographic magazine. The Bible verse I found to use with it is perfect. I used a brown color for the base paper. Before adding the pink I sewed the photo under a clear sheet that I cut from an old album cover. It’s the clear one that comes on the album to protect your album while your working on it. I printed my verse in pink ink on cardstock and then added my embelishments.
On the butterfly book after laying the base paper I inked the edges. I did a mask with some yellow distress ink. I stamped a butterfly onto vellum twice. Cut them out, attached them together with a small amount of glue in the center and folded up the top wings. These books are a good way to use up things you may have left over from other projects, and make a quick easy gift.








Tutorial A different Masking Technique

Well Gang I’m not sure what I did put somehow managed to lose my post so here goes again.
I tried out a different masking technique from Kendra card blog, here is the link if you wanna check out her blog.
I think you’re gonna like this one.

1) Select two or three stamps you would like to use. Simple lines work best. Stamp one onto the cardstock and stamp again onto scrap paper.

2) Cut the bottom and sides out of the scrap stamp.

3) Cover the stamp on cardstock with the scrap stamp, being careful to line up stamped lines. Tape down with removable tape.

4) Stamp onto the cardstock overlapping the stamped image onto the scrap stamp.

5) Remove the scrap stamp and there you have it.

This is what mine came out like with three stamps, and this is the finished project. ;0)

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